Autumn has Arrived

We may not fully experience the four seasons here in Cali, but it is hard to miss that Autumn is upon us. The weather has finally turned cooler, 50's at night and 70's during the day, Trader Joe's has a whole freezer-case of pumpkin themed food, and the Pumpkin Station occupies an empty lot just down the road from us.

I'm not normally a carnival visiting person but when a deal popped up in our playgroup that was too good to pass up, some pumpkins and rides were in the kids future.

EJ made sure we all dressed for the "Autumn Carnival." She insisted I wear a dress because, as she explained, all the girls would be wearing dresses:)

Outfitted in orange and brown, they rode the rides.


And sat on the pumpkins.


Even without the changing leaves Autumn is still around us!

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