Dancing with Shamu

The name "Shamu" conjures up memories of my first trip to Sea World as a child to see the great whale. We "oooohhd" and "aaaaahd" as he jumped and splashed in front of us.

Fast forward a couple decades and Shamu still provides special memories for the little ones.

DaddyO had a day off due to the government shutdown so we decided to make use of Waves of Honor and spend the day at Sea World.

What a park!  The highlight of course was getting up close to Shamu in the underwater observatory and watching the big show. But there was a myriad of other things to do as well.

We first visited Sesame Street Bay of Play.


Enjoyed watching all the underwater sea life.

beluga whale
sea of fish
  And other attractions.

our sea explorer
We weren't able to fit everything into one day so we'll just have to go again next year.

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