Davey and Goliath

TV is a powerful tool. If used properly it can educate while entertaining, but unfortunately it can also be very destructive. So many kids programs nowadays seem so fast paced they give me a headache and I can only imagine the affects on the kids. And the attitudes of the characters leave a lot to be desired. 

It was refreshing to find Davey and Goliath on the "Smile of A Child" TV channel. I remember watching some of Davey and Goliath's Christmas specials as a kid but never the regular episodes. They have become a favorite of EJ's. Davey and his dog go on everyday adventures and learn life lessons along the way. Here is an episode called "Safe Landing" where Davey learns how God is in control of everything while spending the day as an Air Traffic Controller.


I am really happy to see that we'll be able to watch this wonderful TV network online even after we move overseas. What a wonderful resource!

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