Bates Nut Farm Pumpkin Picking

Ever since we flipped the calendar to October pumpkins have been our minds. Every time we look up it the kids point at the pictures from our pumpkin picking excursion last year. We couldn't miss a year!

Bates Nut Farm came with good recommendations. We drove an hour north which made a nice Sunday drive through the mountains. We were greeted by a long line of cars all going to the same place we were. Luckily the farm was prepared for the mass of people and our afternoon was enjoyable.

We enjoyed lunch from a food truck.


Saw their animals.

And of course picked out some pumpkins.

It was not a pumpkin patch per say, just a large field filled with pumpkins of all sizes. We told EJ that she had to be able to pick up the one she wanted to bring home.

DaddyO did give her a little help though in picking her favorite one up.

It has been a fun season of fall activities. I'm interested to see how many we will be able to continue while overseas and how many new ones we pick up!

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