Julian Apple Picking

In order for a town to be famous for its apple pie you know there has to a sweet supply of apples nearby. We passed orchard after orchard on our drive out of Julian and decided to stop at Calico Ranch.

We didn't let line of cars parked outside the parking lot dissuade us. I heard that their apples were delicious, and at $10/ bag (no per person charge) they were a great deal.

We found out apples ripened early in CA this year so we were at the tail end of the season. There were still apples to be picked, it was just a stretch to reach them

DaddyO's height came in handy.

 They picked apple after sweet apple to put in the bag.

CJ couldn't wait to bite into his.

Along with a trips to the pumpkin patch and collecting colored leaves (a little difficult in Cali), apple picking will just have to become an autumn family tradition.

Ever since the last apple was eaten EJ has been asking when we will be heading up to Julian again to pick more apples.

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