Vietnamese Summer Rolls

The two things we have learned from experimenting with Vietnamese food at home is:
 1. Leave Pho to the experts. It is not worth the time or effort when you can get a perfectly delicious bowl for under $5.
2. Summer rolls are a different story. A short amount of time and list of ingredientsa produces delicous results.

Our family is keen on making food that requires us getting our hands a little "dirty"this recipe does just that.

First DaddyO gathers the ingredients for the peanut sauce.

He has adapted the recipe throughout the years and the resatuarnt version just does not cut it for me anymore.

Then we gather the fillings.

Do any necessary chopping.

 And compose the rolls.


With the number of rolls we can eat, making them at home is a significant savings and brings a smiles to our faces.

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