Checking Their Pearly Whites

smiling with Dr. Renee
The kids got to share a first visit to the dentist. The need to complete overseas screening paperwork gave me the kick I needed to make the appointment. We found a pediatric dentist just down the road and had the kids scheduled together.

EJ was excited at the prospect of seeing the dentist, and CJ does whatever his big sister does,  but I wanted to be sure they were prepared nonetheless. This British educational clip gave them a good idea of what to expect. They were opening their mouths up wide and aaaaaahhhing right along.

The office and dentist were wonderful! The front resembled more of a children's playground than a waiting room, and the back was more like a personal bedroom than an exam room. DaddyO and I relaxed in cushy chairs as EJ watched a movie in the ceiling and had her teeth cleaned.

I knew it was a good experience when EJ asked if she could see the dentist again the next day. I just hope they don't expect the same kind of experience in Japan...

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