Baby B's Birth

The weeks counted down to days and before we knew it the time for Baby B's arrival had come.

It had been a very easy pregnancy. I was very thankful for this because with all the moving I had never seen the same doctor more than once and I had to pass many screens to be able to move overseas. Any little hiccup would have kept me in the states for the delivery and DaddyO would miss a second birth. DaddyO and I breathed a sigh of relief when our feet touched Japanese soil but we still had one more thing lingering in our minds.

Our biggest worry was whether we'd make it to the hospital in time. With our previous two I waited until I was absolutely sure I was in labor before we headed in and EJ and Cj were delivered within hours after that. I wasn't afforded the luxury of waiting here.

Fortunately four days before my due date I knew withing out a doubt I was about to go into labor. I was laying in bed with CJ when what felt like a rubber band snapped inside my belly. My water had broken! I walked out of the bedroom and told Pat what I had happened and then called the hospital. What happened after that is best explained in this video.

Three hours later and a handful of pushes we had a bundle of love to hold in our arms. And hold him we did. The nurses gave us as much time as we wanted before they weighed, measured, and washed him.

We took a couple hours.

Even though born a little early I could tell he was a big bog. Being told he was 4085 grams didn't mean much to me until DaddyO did the conversion. I was surprised to find he was the biggest of the three births at almost exactly nine pounds.

DaddyO couldn't keep his eyes off his little guy.

Our nurse, corpsman, and doctor were amazing. When they heard we wanted a natural birth their response was "that's awesome" and we had nothing but support the whole way.


 We had left EJ sleeping and CJ almost sleeping when we headed to the hospital so I was quite excited to call them and give them the news of their new brother.

They were nothing but squeals and giggles at the news. 

 DaddyO was quick to get the news out to his family as well.

  Then DaddyO headed home and rounded up the family.

We got our first taste of being a family of five.

EJ was excited to be a big sis to another little brother and couldn't give him enough kisses.

CJ couldn't keep his hands off him and immediately counted his toes and checked out his eyes.

He got a lot of cuddles from the grandparents as well.

We stayed in the hospital a couple extra days due to jaundice and a short fever. It was a long two days being away from the kids and home but fortunately he quickly recovered from both and were given the discharge papers.

We buckled in Baby B. 

Had the car seat checked.

 And drove home on a beautiful spring day.

A beautiful sign and artwork on the door welcomed us home. 

And Baby B quickly learned what life was like in the family.

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