Hanami Viewing

preschool sakura board

Sakura season is my favorite time in Japan and Baby B's first excursion out was enjoying Hanami with the family.

We decided to head to Izumi no Mori park to find the perfect spot to sit under the blossoms.

This was a favorite park within walking distance when we lived in Yamato so we were happy to find out that it also has plenty of parking now that we lived on base. It is a quick ten minute drive from the North Gate and a stones throw from the northern part of the runway.

The sakura blossoms were just starting to bloom.

We decided on a tranquil patch of grass along the river. A wooden bridge and roller slide were within eye shot for the kids to enjoy.

 DaddyO set up our spot.

We gathered round and enjoyed lunch al fresco. 

There were large and small groups of Japanese enjoying the afternoon with us. It is always interesting to see the differences and similarities between us. Instead of picnic blankets the Japanese use blue tarps, and instead of sandwiches they are usually either grilling on tabletop grills or small delicacies from their bento boxes.

After lunch the kids were off to explore the park.

Grandma and Grandpa found other flowers brilliantly blooming throughout the park.

CJ discovered a ladybug in one of the flowers and spent quite a bit of time observing it.

There was something very special about sitting under the blossoming trees with my new little one.

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