Spring Planting

ready to plant
We couldn't let Grandma return to the states without having her share some of her green thumb with us. The kiddos have many wonderful memories planting and harvesting in her garden and now they'll have some here.

We didn't get the Japanese garden I had hoped for but we did get two east and west facing porches. Grandma helped us turn one of them into a garden oasis.

We picked up flowers at the Oak City flower market.

And an apple tree (Malus Alps Otome) at Viva Home.

EJ came home from one of her last days of preschool dressed appropriately as a honey bee.

She was ready to start planting.

CJ put the stones in the bottom of the pots to assist witht he drainage and then added the dirt and plants.

His favorite part was watering them when everything was planted.

Keeping them alive as become one of his daily chores.

We are already enjoying the fruits of the planting.

The backyard is now a little green oasis ready to enjoy the warming weather.

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