Yochien Orientation Day

Before I knew it the EJ's her orientation day arrived. This is the day when new students find out which class they will be in, meet other new students, and see their classroom.

Before going into the school EJ found the board with her name listed on it.

Each class is a different colored flower.

Then we headed inside and of course took off our shoes and lined them up.

EJ headed to hear classroom and met a couple of her possible teachers and received her gym hat.. Finding out who her teacher will be is supposed to be a surprise on her first day of school.

She liked the hat and didn't seem to mind that it was blue.

She then met the other students in her class while I headed upstairs for the parent orientation.

There I listened to a speech from the Principal and recommendation on making their school experience a success. There were a lot of other mothers carrying Ergos!

When that was over I returned to EJ's classroom and watched her bow in farewell to her teacher.

She was excited as ever about her first day. Now we just had to get everything ready for it!

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