Drawing a Crowd

The sakura blossoms were in full bloom and the weather was warm and sunny. A perfect time to be outside. We had such a relaxing time at our last Hanami we decided to do it again. This time we invited EJ's friend to join us.

Cherry blossoms can be found everywhere in Japan. Our drive to the park was bursting with blooms. 

We joined quite a few more Japanese under the trees this time.

The beauty of the flowers made the girls sing with joy.

Grandma and Grandpa were an

Being so close to Atsugi Base's runway also gave us a fun show over the trees. Jet and airplanes landed one after the other in front of us.

The massive tulip garden nearby was also starting to bloom. Soon it would be a sea of pink, yellow, and white.

CJ found some other favorite flowers as well.

We took some pictures of the kiddos with the sakura blossoms

and soon there was a crowd of people gathering to watch.

The Japanese women asked to take their own pictures with them and EJ and CJ smiled along.

Then Grandpa joined the fun and jumped in for a group picture.

The Japanese are normally quite private people and while I know we stand out quite a bit in their culture, they don't normally show us this much attention. It was fun to meet the ladies and share our love for the sakura blossom with each other. 

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