Big Sis and Bro Crowns

One of the projects on my list I was hoping to complete before Baby B arrived, but in all honesty didn't really think I would, were crowns for EJ and CJ to wear at the hospital. I had made shirts for CJ's arrival and loved how EJ beamed when wearing hers and hoped to give them another special gift like that.

Funny enough I finally got around to making the crown the morning before Baby B arrived. I cut the crowns out of felt and glued different swatches of fabric between the letters. I didn't get to sewing the crowns together though before we were off to the hospital. Fortunately my mom was up for finishing the project and put EJ to work helping while they waited to visit us in the hospital.

EJ was happy to grab a needle and sew on the buttons.

When I saw the kids show up in their crowns at the hospital I could tell they felt extra special being the Big Sis and Big Bro.

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