Bassinet to Crib

first nap in his new crib
CJ has been sleeping in his own crib for almost a month now! With EJ we bought a crib and never used it. With CJ we didn't bother buying one but then I realized we needed it when he slept well through the night in his bassinet (away from me, sniff sniff) but would wake up in bed from my moving around.

growing out of his bassinet
Thanks to Craigslist I found a beautiful crib for just $20. Avia just happened to have an extra mattress at her house, she always seems to have what we need, and CJ's crib was ready.

The first couple nights took some getting used to for me but he slept excellently till 5 a.m. Once I got used to trusting the baby monitor we both slept through the night. We still have the occasional night where one of us wakes up in the middle of the night and he ends up in bed with me, but for the most part he is sleeping on his own.

my sleeping angel

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