Royal Camel Farm

The Royal Camel Farms was not on our list of things to visit while in Bahrain,  but ended up being a highlight. I’d never seen so many camels!

We discovered it while perusing the "things to do" list on Trip Advisor. The camel farm was ranked #9. Being only 20 minutes outside of the city so we thought we would check it out

Sheikh Mohammed (Prime Minister and Vice President of the UAE, and constitutional monarch of Dubai) set up the farm to preserve the presence of the camel in Bahrain which, before cars were introduced, was the Bahrain's foremost mode of transportation.

It is open to the public but not at all touristy. It was another 110 degree day so we headed straight for the shaded shelter.

The camels were friendly and gentle. Not at all the ornery animal I expected.We could get as close as we wanted!

A farm worker greeted us and gave us hay to feed the momma and baby camels.


DaddyO sent EJ and CJ a few different stuffed camels from his port calls and EJ made sure she brought her pink one with her when she visited the farm.

The camels have a new meaning now.

A definite must see when visiting Bahrain!

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