Four Months Old

CJ is becoming quite the little man. His personality is coming out more and more and it's so much fun to interact with him.

He's developed a squeal that he uses to get people's attention. Once he has gotten it he breaks into a huge smile and coos. If he doesn't get the attention right away though his squeal gets louder and louder. It makes going to restaurants a little more interesting.

He is on the move and loves to be left on the floor to explore. He rolls and creeps to where he wants to go. He has gotten up on all fours but hasn't technically crawled yet.

EJ is such a sweet and loving sister to him and it's fun to see how he takes in all her energy. He is perfectly happy sitting on my lap watching her sing and twirl herself around him. She's his personal entertainer.

His two bottom teeth have totally come through and we're about to start the baby cereal. Not soon enough for CJ! He tries so desperately to get at whatever we are eating. I can't wait to introduce him to food and it just might be DaddyO doing the honor!

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