A Day in Italy

view from our window
Before kids I would have woken up with the sunrise (no matter the jet leg) ready for a day of sightseeing and adventure. With kids I wake up when they do (in this case at 3 p.m. with the jet leg) and spend the afternoon at the base playground and tracking down food. Traveling has changed a little but at least the excitement of seeing a new country is still there.

I loaded the kids up in the Bugaboo and we strolled around Naval Air Station Sigonella.

in front of the navy lodge
After a day spent flying on planes EJ was thrilled to find a fun playground on base she could run and climb around.


This next picture kills me, we're in the middle of Italy for goodness sake, but it was the quickest food I could find (it was a national holiday so the restaurants right outside the gate were closed) and EJ got a crown and prize which made her smile. Whoever invented the kid's meal was a marketing genius.

After a little more time at the playground we headed back to our room and then ventured off the base to eat at least one authentic Italian meal. We went to a quaint outdoor restaurant within walking distance and I finally felt like I was in another country.


I ordered a prosciutto pizza cooked in an outdoor brick oven and spaghetti carbonara. It wasn't the relaxing dinner I had hoped, not sure what I was expecting with a four month old and two year old,  so I ended up turning it into a takeout dinner and enjoyed the Italian meal in the privacy of our hotel room. We had an early wake-up the next morning for our final flight to Bahrain!

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