A Bump in the Road

navy c-40
We got reliable word that a C-40 would be taking off from Oceana, a terminal I would not normally have thought to check, going to Bahrain the dates we needed. It was would only be making two stops along the way as opposed to the three or four stops the weekly rotator to Bahrain made and, since it was leaving from a less known terminal, should not be in as much demand.

The terminal was able to give me flight information 48 hours before departure so I checked in with them regularly before I made the six hour drive down to Norfolk with the kids. They said everything was a go, and since C-40s are more reliable planes than  C-17s or C-130s, the chance of me seeing DaddyO was rising. 

I expected the drive down to VA to be the easiest leg of our adventure. Little did I know it would be the most stressful. I specifically planned our departure time so I'd get the majority of my drive done while the kiddos were sleeping but something sharp in the middle of a DE highway put a crimp to that plan. I had a flat rear tire. 

Fortunately I was able to pull into a parking lot and  found that USAA insurance is just like having AAA. A "Roadside Angel" showed up withing 15 minutes of my distress call and had a spare put on my car. After a bit of driving around trying to find an open not too busy auto place, PepBoys said they should be able to check the tire that same day and then all I could do was pray that it was fixable.

We settled down in the waiting room and waited for their verdict.  

 Four hours later the tire had been fixed and thanks to a free PepBoys rewards card DaddyO had signed us up for, the fix was free!

We arrived at Uncle J's house a bit later than originally expected but we were there and ready for a good night's sleep before our 6:30 a.m. show time the next morning.

Our bags were packed, two suitcases and a duffel bag...

and a backpack for each of us.

Now all I could do was pray that there were open seats and the plane was able to take off. We were one step closer to seeing DaddyO in Bahrain!

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