Grocery Shopping at Alosra

The first grocery store we visited was alosra on the island of Amwaj. Since there is a big expat community on that island the grocery store is a high end mix of western and Arab products.We visited this store quite a few times.

I loved their aisle dedicated to dates. Who knew there could be so many different kinds?

DaddyO loved it all. I guess that is what being on a boat so long will do to you.

We made a couple late night runs. We weren't sure if it was bad taking the kids out shopping at 10 p.m. at night. We were still dealing with the time difference and getting them down before midnight seemed impossible.

We were surprised to find quite a few kids out shopping that late and learned it was actually quite common. With 110 plus weather during the day, nighttime is the best time to be out and about.

If I could have chosen any souvenir to bring back with me from Bahrain it probably would have been their grocery cart. EJ loved pushing it around!

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