Oceana to Ireland to Italy

our route
I quietly loaded the kids up in the car at 6:30 a.m.and Uncle J drove us to the Oceana Air Terminal for our 7 a.m. show time. There is no long term parking on base so I was very thankful to have my brother willing to take us before work. It was also nice having family there before we left.

The terminal was small but there but had a nice waiting area. There were around twenty people there when we arrived and I was a little worried we'd be competing with them for seats but then I realized a flight was going to North Island with 58 open seats at the same time as ours. It was a little crazy thinking we could easily jump on that plane and have a little San Diego vacation if our plane fell through.

 Fortunately I didn't need to make that decision as I was informed our c-40 was scheduled to take off on time and there were plenty of open seats. They checked in our luggage (we each were allowed 2 70 lb bags but I packed a bit lighter) and loaded us in a van to ride over to our plane. It was just another couple and us. We got on the plane and had our pick of seats.

Shortly after we settle in a bus full of Navy aircraft maintainers, load-masters and reservist heading to Bahrain on official business loaded on.

They didn't seem to mind sharing the flight with a couple little ones and were quite helpful through out the trip.

This was my first time flying with two little ones and they turned out to be great flyers. CJ went back and forth between his car seat and my arms. The taking off and landing didn't seem to bother him as long as he could nurse. 

EJ kept herself busy with the toys and books I had packed in her backpack. Her quartet of Disney princess were the biggest hit. I don't know how many times I changed them in and out of their dresses for her.

 She also enjoyed some movies (Blues Clues and Donut Man were her favorites), slept, and watched the clouds floating by her window.


After five hours of flying we spotted green land below and started our decent to the Shannon Airport in Ireland.

This was the kiddos first time setting foot on international soil and my first time to Ireland. We were just making a quick stop for fuel so all we would get to see was the inside of the airport but the strong Irish accent I heard all around was music to my ears.

EJ enjoyed a little playtime outside the plane while waited to go into the airport.

After a little shopping in the duty free section we were back on the plane for another six hour flight to Naples, Italy.

We  arrived at 2 a.m. and after a little confusion as to whether or not I could enter their country (the Italian authorities didn't think I had the paperwork needed but fortunately DaddyO had me covered) the flight crew took me under their wing and dropped me off at the Sigonella Navy Lodge. We had a two night layover before our plane would take off for it's final leg to Bahrain.

I was happy to find that our room was big with a clean bathroom and kitchen. You can't beat military lodges! The kids settled in and we got another good night's sleep before exploring Italy the next day.

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