Bahrain Cuisine

mixed maza platter
DaddyO and I enjoy exploring the cuisine of each country we visit. Bahrain cuisine was right up our taste buds. We love Middle Eastern food, and Bahrain offered fresh delicious dishes that were just a fraction of the price we pay in the states.

al shola
If I could have, I would have stopped at Al Shola to pick up their mixed maza (appetizer) platter for every meal. We simply drove up to the front of the restaurant, gave the employee waiting outside our order, and a few minutes later he would return with a bag filled with fresh warm pita bread, shwarmas, and savory dips and salads.

We never made it back to the house without devouring a couple pieces of the bread. It was delicious on it's own!

marwareed bakery
 Our other frequent stop was the Marwareed Bakery just around the corner from our friend's house. Even in the 100 plus degree weather an outdoor stone oven was fired up and and a group of men worked on kneading, rolling, and baking the bread. Our normal order was five cheese stuffed pieces of pita bread. The man would roll the cheese into the middle of the dough and then stick it to the side of the oven to bake. I would have loved to have gotten a video or pictures of the process but being the only westerner (let alone girl) there ordering I thought it better to try to blend in.

The best part of eating in Bahrain though was enjoying all the wonderful meals with friends.

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