Final Flight to Bahrain

The flight crew picked us up from our lodge, can't thank them enough for how helpful they were, and we settled back on the plane for our final leg to Bahrain.

I wasn't sure what to expect. The last time I was in the Middle East was when I was five, so the extent of my exposure to this part of the world has been via news reports and video conferencing with DaddyO. The view from our window was like nothing I'd flown over before.

The water surrounding the shore was blueish green and shimmered in spots. Ships were clustered around those areas.

The fact that the country is an archipelago of 33 islands was evident as we approached the airport. Many of the islands are man-made. 

The land is awash of khaki brown. No bright colors stood out.

The first thing that hit me when we got off the plane in Bahrain was the heat, a hot 110 degrees. The fact that we arrived at the end of Ramadan and I had to have my knees and elbows covered (not to mention no eating or drinking) didn't make the heat any more bearable. A Bahraini agent met the three of us at the plane, loaded us in a van, and whisked us away to immigration.

The plan was that DaddyO would COD (carrier onboard delivery) off the carrier a couple days early to meet up with us in Bahrain. The friends we would be staying with were on vacation so that meant I had a couple days on my own at their place with the kiddos before he arrived. I had a little trepidation about being alone in the middle of a country I knew nothing about but our friends had given me the number of their neighbor and assured me I would be safe. I gave the neighbor a call from the agents cell phone and she said she was on her way to pick us up.

Our passports were stamped and we were given two week visas. Then we waited...and waited....and waited in the immigration office.

The friend had assured me, and the agent who picked us up from the plane, that she would be there in five minutes. So after 45 minutes of watching the front gate and no sign of the neighbor I started to get a little worried. I couldn't get through to her on the immigration phone so I trudged to the front gate and tried theirs. She picked up and was seemed just as worried as I was about not being there. DaddyO not being there!

She broke the surprise to me that he was supposed to be there to pick me up but could be lost in the city. She said she'd be right over. I had a lot to process on my walk back to immigration.

Fortunately I didn't have long to form the worst possibilities as who should walk in the door but DaddyO!

He had been waiting in the passenger terminal, where I was supposed to disembark before going to immigration, and had become just as worried as I had been when we hadn't shown up. It wasn't the picture perfect reunion he had planned but both kids were in his arms and I was at his side. The immigration inspector was kind enough to take this picture.

first meeting
Everyone asks me what the reunion was like for the kids. I think it took EJ the same amount of time to process it was her Daddy standing in front of her as it took DaddyO and I to process that the other was okay. She knew we were flying to Bahrain to see him but I had told her numerous times in answer to "Is Daddy going to be there" that he wouldn't arrive for a couple days. What a surprise to have him there in front of her! She was immediately in his arms giving him big hugs.

As for CJ, I remember a minute into both of us trying to figure out what had happened to the other that this was their first time meeting. I looked at DaddyO and said "this is your son" or something to that affect. Again not at all like I had planned it in my mind, but it was a reunion and CJ was all smiles for his Daddy.

The neighbor met us at the airport and got us back to our friend's home safe and sound.We spent the rest of the day just enjoying the fact that we were back together again.

cuddle time
all smiles
DaddyO had seven days of leave which meant he had no duties on the ship during that time. In just a couple days I had gone from there being a small chance of seeing him to enjoying 100% of his time. When you get on that right plane a MAC experience can be priceless!

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