Cali Christmas Tree

We are getting all the experiences of a San Diego Christmas. We bundled up for the cold 50 degree weather and trudged through a parking lot as we searched for the perfect Christmas tree.

A little different than EJ's last tree excursion but fun all the same.

In the kids eyes it probably looked like a massive tree farm as they ran through the rows of trees.

There were even some with snow (pulverized newspaper) on them and EJ found her favorite tree.

CJ went for the tallest one.

We (DaddyO and I) decided on a bit shorter 7ft natural cut fir. It reminded me of something I'd see in a Scandinavian house and still had plenty of branches for ornaments.

The kids learned how trees are cut and bundled.

And watched as ours was loaded on the car.

DaddyO went right to work setting up the tree when we got home.

And it was ready to start decorating!

and star

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