The First Phase

As if the Christmas season is not busy enough we have added "Moving" to our holiday list the last three years. In the midst of addressing Christmas cards, and baking cookies, we have been organizing, reducing and preparing. The first phase of a military move overseas is packing up the long term storage. Since we are only allowed to move 75% of our allotted weight overseas, not to mention the average house on and off base is less than 1,200 ft2, we had a lot of decisions to make.

We walked through the house and decided what we could live without for the next three years. DaddyO loaded everything up in the garage for an easy pack-up for the movers.

They arrived at 8 a.m. and kept the kids entertained with their packing.

A couple hours later the garage was empty and the truck pulled away.

I'm curious to see if I miss any of the 6,000 pounds. It will probably feel like an early Christmas when it all gets delivered again.

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