The Second Phase

It is time for our household goods (the majority of what we own) to be packed up.  Having this as our second move in five months, and the seventh of DaddyO's career I must say we knew what to expect and felt pretty prepared. It helped that we had everything ready for when the movers showed up on Christmas Eve and we were given the option to delay till the day after Christmas. Why not?  They would come back with a bigger crew and do it all on the same day instead of two. That gave me extra time to organized and pack and DaddyO time to break down all the furniture so we would be sure all parts would arrive together.


Since our long term storage has already been picked up the only things we needed to pull were our express shipment items (what we'll be living on the next five days) and our travel gear. The rest of the house would be loaded into crates and shipped by boat to Japan.

Four guys arrived at 8 a.m. and immediately started packing. In just a couple hours the rooms were filled with boxes.

The kids kept entertained watching them wrap and tape.

Then there were lots of fun shapes to play and climb on.

It was a toss up between the kitchen and the playroom for the most boxes. 


By 3 p.m. they were ready to start loading.


As each crate was filled they hammered it shut. The nice thing about moving overseas is that everything gets loaded into the crates in front of you and will not be opened until you break the seals at your destination. The only danger I have heard of is crates falling off the ship (but I'm not going to think of that:)


They estimate that we have around 10 thousand pounds, a thousand pounds a crate. It will be interesting to see what our actual weight is as we need to stay below a certain poundage for DaddyO's rank. We did do a bit of downsizing here in San Diego but it's hard to tell how much. It was dark by the time the final crate was nailed shut.

By the end our house was empty. We celebrated with hamburgers from In-N-Out in front of the fireplace.

Then it was upstairs for Planes on the big screen and a night on the air mattress.

Thankfully this is all quite exciting for the kids and they seem to be enjoying the move so far.

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