Our Christmas Eve

We celebrated Thanksgiving a week early this year, why not continue with Christmas? Since our household goods were to be packed up on the official Christmas Eve we really didn't have ay other choice.

DaddyO made our Christmas Eve memorable by preparing a special dinner. Christmas goose/duck has become a family tradition but a smaller fowl seemed like a good choice with everything going on.

DaddyO used these two Alton Brown recipes (Grilled Curry Cornish Hens, Cornish Game Hens with Bacon and Onions)  and made the hens two ways. He learned a new technique called spatchcocking to butcher the meat.

We gathered around the candlelit table.

Once the food was eaten (or almost all eaten) the candles became the main focus.


I guess it is only fitting seeing we were celebrating the birth of one who brought light to a dark world.

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