Christmas in Old Town

We spent the real Christmas Eve strolling around Old Town.

We had been expecting to be at home all day as the movers packed our house so it was a nice surprise to have the day to ourselves.

CJ had been to Old Town with the grandparents but didn't seem to mind going back. He just had to work hard to keep up with his sister.

There were lots of decorations to see!

My favorite spot was the Plaza Del Pasado. EJ danced on stage in front of a beautiful painting for Dia De Reyes day.

DaddyO and CJ watched.

It was the perfect spot for takeout nachos and a margarita from the Casa de Reyes restaurant.

Then we got ideas for our gingerbread house (that we may or may not make this year) as looked in the shop windows.

We ended our afternoon with a stop at the confectionery shop where the kiddos got to pick out some pieces of candy.

So much to choose from.

But EJ didn't seem to have a problem finding her favorites.

If I had to guess I'd say this was their favorite stop in Old Town.

Fortunately they still fell asleep on the ride home and were wide awake for our church's candlelit service that night.

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