Farewell San Diego Zoo

The San Diego Zoo was DaddyO's top destination when taking the kids on an excursion and giving me some time off. They always returned with great stories about the animals they had seen the the facts they had learned (like an owls can turn their heads 270 degrees). It was both fun and educational for them.

I joined them for Jungle Bells and their last walk through the park for a while.

 It was a special experience getting to see the animals after dark. The lights and Christmas music gave it a festive feel.

 EJ was able to say goodbye to some of her favorite animals.

The pink flamingos.

The giraffes.

The peacocks.

And even some not normally found at the zoo.

The night was ended with a skyride to see the lights from above.

I must say I think we got a years worth of memories out of the five months we used our annual pass. It was wonderful giving the kids the chance to see animals at one of the best zoos in the world!

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