Bento Box Accoutrement

Bento, or obento as EJ's school reminds me to make every Friday, is the Japanese word for a meal served in a box. The box is a balance of healthy food usually in a 1:1:2 ratio of carbs, protein and vegetables. I am embracing bento boxes the way I did tea our last visit here.

EJ enjoys a bento box lunch each day at her school. Monday through Thursday is prepared by a bento box company and Friday is by me. The first thing I needed to do when I started making her lunch was purchase the equipment. Thanks to our local 100 yen store, it was fun an affordable.

CJ got the transportation and EJ the french poodle set. My first week was a mixture of leftovers due to time constraints.

I didn't have the vegetables like I should have, but I was glad to have something packed for her first week.

This has become a favorite bento box blog of mine. I have many more weeks to experiment.

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