Narita Farewells

There was a bit of discussion about whether or not we should travel along with DaddyO to see him off at the airport. I thought the kids would have fun riding the shuttle bus and we'd make it into a field trip, he thought it would be too much for me on my first day alone with three little ones. Looking back we were we were both right. The kids had a fabulous last few hours with their DaddyO but I was utterly exhausted by the time the shuttle dropped us off at base.

It was a day to remember for the kids. They rode in the back of the airport shuttle. CJ and Baby B caught a nap while EJ colored and read away with DaddyO and his friend.

Once DaddyO and his crew were checked in, we had a few hours to explore the airport.

Of all the airports I have been in around the world, and I have been in a lot, Narita is by far my favorite. It is clean and spacious, provides lots of shopping and dining choices, and has two fabulous observations decks to watch the planes.

CJ brought along his Richard Scarry "A Day at the Airport" book and identified planes and trucks with DaddyO.

EJ danced.

Then it was time to say farewell and I had the kiddos to myself.

I found that the bus we would be riding back to was at a different terminal and we had a bit of a walk in front of us. Fortunately we had a couple hours to spare.

 I was very happy when we saw the sign for Terminal 1.

We sat in the back of the bus again on the way back but this time there were no naps and the mood was a little more somber.

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