One Month Old

Our Baby B has reached the one month mark and what a wonderful month it has been. He is my snuggle bug. When not in my arms he sleeps peacefully on the couch or in the bassinet.

I can't get enough of his pursed lips and chubby cheeks. Fortunately he sleeps right through all the kisses.

Big sister and brother love the cuddling as well.

The world around him has so much to see. With wide eyes he takes it all in.

His nose crinkles and mouth opens wide every couple of hours. He is growing fast; already fitting in three to six month clothes.

His smiles make the seemingly constant holding and feeding worth every moment. His eyes twinkle and an occasional squeal can be heard as he gives us a wide one.

One down, 216 more to go. That really doesn't seem like that many.

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