Biwa Picking

I was on my way to the bus stop when I noticed the vibrant orange fruit growing on a tree outside our neighboring tower.

It was as if the fruit just appeared one morning. I picked up a couple pieces of the oblong fruit off the ground and brought them with me. A Japanese mom at the bus stop informed me that they were biwas. I had never heard of the fruit but quickly looked it up on the internet.

This blog had a great explanation!

I would drive up to an hour to pick fruit so a stop at housing for permission was a breeze. The woman at the desk seemed a bit surprised by the request but then encouraged me to go.

A couple neighbor girls tagged along as we met Ms. Tennessee and R at the tree. They brought along a ladder so we could reach the high fruit. She held it while I picked.

The fruit grew in clumps and easily fell off the branches so we had a couple colanders full in no time.

The skin is thin, like an apricot or peach, but is not eaten and easily peels off so the kids could enjoy some right away. The texture of the fruit is similar to that of an apricot but the flavor is closer to a sweet pear. A sweet fragrant envelopes your mouth as you eat it. The kids were immediately hooked and peeled fruit after fruit.

I brought a bag full of fruit home with me and it was eaten up within a day.

Of course after finding out what the fruit was I noticed it in the grocery store.

At close to $5 for four biwas I felt quite blessed to be able to pick so many for free.

I returned to the tree a couple days later hoping to replenish my supply but the fruit seemed to have disappeared as quickly as it had come. At least I know where to find them next year and plan on making tea with the leaves in the mean time.Their seem to be an extensive list of health benefits related to the leaves.

hanging in the trees

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