Yochien Bento Lunch

The PTA hosted a bento box lunch for the yochien parents. It gave us the opportunity to eat the same lunch the kids were having while watching pictures of each class. Fortunately this event was child friendly so the boys got to go in with me.

We sat in the main hall on cushions we brought from home.

EJ eats a bento box prepared by a local company on Mondays through Thursdays.

I was interested to see what her meal was like. I get a monthly menu so I know there is always a protein, starch, vegetable, and fruit, but it is hard to envision the quantity or quality. It was the perfect amount for a child and the flavors melded nicely. Each meal is about 450 calories.

CJ got his own bento box and had no problem eating it all up.

Baby B hung out and watched.

Then we watched the slide show of them playing outside, doing art, enjoying a petting zoo, visiting the school garden, and many other fun activities. We spotted EJ in quite a few of the pictures and she looked like she was enjoying herself.

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