Bowl of Ramen

We now have an oishi ramen restaurant to add to our list of places to visit. One I probably would have thought was too expensive from the outside but thanks to a recommendation from a coworker we headed in. A medium bowl of ramen costs between $6 and $8. With no tipping needed and a big pitcher of water provided on the table, lunch for the whole family cost under $25!

We sat in a spacious booth with sweeping paintings adorning the wall. An English menu accompanied the Japanese and there were around ten different ramen dishes to choose from. There was a special one for the kiddos and a veggie one for me. 

We had the option of medium or large and thankfully both DaddyO and I only ordered the medium. I can only imagine the size of the large.

Ramen is definitely a kiddo favorite, isn't every Japanese dish though, and we left with them eating almost the whole bowl.

Directions: head straight out the East Gate, turn right on 467, the restaurant will be about a kilometer down on the right side next to an auto supply store.

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