Japanese Car Books

I could spend a lot of time perusing the Japanese bookstores. Fortunately they make it easy for the kids to stay occupied while I do it.

Even though we can't read (or sound out) the words in the books yet, there is still plenty to learn.

The car, train and plane books are usually where I'll find CJ.

I picked up a couple that have become a favorite of his. We got them translated so I can even read what the author intended instead of my own translation. This one is called "Various Cars Around Me" by Tadayoshi Yamamoto.

CJ loves looking out the window of our van and will point out the different cars he spots from the book. 

The next one he calls his "Daddy Cooper" book since the main character is a little red Mini Cooper. It is called "The Little Red Car and Worker Vehicles in City" by Toshihiko Ando.

Illustrations are what I notice first about a book and these ones not only tell the story but also give you a glipse of life on a Japanese street.

Our library is growing quickly...now I just need to catch up with all the translating!

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