AWANA Grand Prix Night

Our church held its annual Awana Grand Prix Night on Saturday which consists of a spaghetti dinner, grand prix race, and drive-in movie. We found out as we chatted over spaghetti that this event has been going on for 20+ years and some of the parents still have the pinewood race cars they made as kids. What a fun tradition to pass on!

EJ had been looking forward to this event for a month. This was the first year that Cubbies (3- to 5-year olds) were invited to attend the Sparks' (K to 2nd grade) drive-in movie and boy was she excited to be a part of it.

The kids were to bring cars (decorated boxes) to sit in while they watched the movie. EJ had the perfect box in mind. Being our first year and not wanting to go over the top with decorating (a tendency I seem to  have) we kept her car pretty simple. EJ was all about the cutting, gluing and drawing. 

Of course CJ wanted his own and DaddyO lended some of his craftiness to decorated it.

I realized when we got there though that I didn't need to worry about going over the top. The kids had some creative cars lined up for the movie!

The older grades competed in a grand prix race and their cars were just as creative.

After dinner the Cubbies and Sparks climbed into their their cars with some popcorn and watched Turbo, a cute racing themed movie that recently came out.
It may not have been outdoors or in real cars but with just a little imagination it felt like we were at the real thing.

It brought back some great memories of nights spent with my family at our local drive-in.

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