Our Baby Reveal

We are excited to announce the arrival of our third kiddo the spring of next year! We have had a lot of surprises this year and this pregnancy has been the biggest one. We knew we wanted a third eventually (I wasn't ready to say goodbye to the baby stages quite yet) but were thinking a year or so down the road. Of course we wouldn't change a thing now and couldn't be more excited about the prospect of a third.

We found out the sex for our first two at the ultrasounds and while we still wanted to find out early we thought it would be fun to try something a little different. Instead of it just being the two of us with the ultrasound tech when we found out, we wanted it to be the four of us with the grandparents. The tech was excited about this idea and enclosed the gender reveal in a sealed envelope for us to open later.

As a side note for those trying to decide if they should find out the sex early or not, I would always find out the sex during the ultrasound after this. The amount the techs show you is drastically different and the connection with the baby those images give makes finding out early worth it. The pregnancy will give you enough surprises!

So, I had to restrain myself from opening the envelope for a couple of days while we scheduled a time for both grandparents to video chat with us and we had a friend wrap the reveal.

We set up the laptop and playbook with the grandparents watching outside and began opening the box.

EJ knew that blue balloons meant boy and pink girl.

DaddyO and I had fun predicting what we thought it was going to be beforehand from the ultrasound and tech's comments. I thought a boy and he thought a girl.

I know EJ was hoping for a baby sister, she was quick to remind me that she already had a brother.

All that I hope is that it is healthy. They would all be great playmates no matter the gender.

And they were blue balloons!

It didn't take EJ more than a couple seconds to be excited about her "baby brother." We will be counting down the months now till our little blue bundle arrives!

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