Thanksgiving Busy Bag Exchange

I have pin after pin on my Toddler Learning board that I'd like to do with the kids. It takes time though to find all the necessary supplies and assembling the craft or activity, time that I never seem to have enough of. A busy bag exchange seemed like the perfect answer to having a ready supply of new crafts and activities. Any excuse for a playdate is also nice.

Six of us got together to exchange. It was fun to see the creative things everyone came up with.

Since Kimberly is on the other side of the country she mailed hers. In true Kimberly fashion she did not one but two activities and boy was EJ excited to open the package.

Shannon got us all in Thanksgiving spirit with her colorful spiced pine cone turkeys.

So cute!


Katie made fabulous felt playmats.

CJ wasted no time to get in the bag and set up the outdoor scene.

Allie got an early jump into kiddie crafting and put together popsicle stick animals.

EJ couldn't wait to jump into this one and was thrilled to have someone other than mom there to help her.

Kristin came up with a great activity that I'll be copying in the future. She taped together Popsicle sticks. We drew on hand turkeys.

Painted them.

 And wallah, a Thanksgiving puzzle.


I ended up making sewing cards out of vintage postcards. Plastic needles were included to embroider the cards.

It was a fun morning of exchanging, chatting  and playing. As you can see, we couldn't wait more than one day to make it through half of the crafts.  It was a long day of DaddyO flying though so they actually accomplished their purpose and kept the kids busy till bedtime.

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