DIY T-Shirt Dress

I'm in love, seriously in love. I have had a real conundrum with what to do with all the t-shirts that EJ has in her dresser but has never worn. Since she will only wear dresses, the twirlier the better, she really only lives out of her closet.She has quite a few to choose from but with the cooler weather setting in her selection has been reduced.

When I found this tutorial I knew this was the answer to my problem. All I needed was a t-shirt (in my case long sleeved)  and about 11 inches by double her waist size of fabric. In about thirty minutes I had a dress ready for her to wear.

Not only are the dresses quick and easy to make but EJ loves wearing them!

The dress withstood some hard wear at a playdate and a normal wash cycle. What more could I ask for?! Now I get to have fun embellishing the tops!

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