Balboa International Market

Each place we have lived I have found a unique grocery store that I can't imagine living without. Joe Patty's in Pensacola, Sammy's in Allentown, I know I'm going to miss them when we move but fortunately a new store always seems to take its place.

DaddyO discovered the Balboa International Market a month back, and we've been going regularly ever since. Like Sammy's, it is an Arab Grocery store that has fabulous prices on produce and other items that you wouldn't be able to find anywhere else (labneh, halloumi cheese, kalamata olives for $3/lb) but it also has a fabulous eat in cafe that serves some mouth watering dishes.

The rice platters are my favorite. Here is their menu.

With the Arabic and  head covering surrounding us, we could easily be transported to somewhere in the Middle East. When there do as the locals right? The store makes all their own bread and we noticed that everyone seemed to load their carts up with their special flat bread. It's not like anything I've tried before. Longer than the kids and thinner than pita.

If you toast it up in the oven it puffs up a bit and is delicious with some labneh and olives on top.

What is your favorite place?

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