Natural Teething Ring

 I was at a loss as to what to bring to a "Baby Celebration" when I found they were waiting to find out the sex. My normal gift for Navy friends, wings onesies, I only had in pink or blue camo. Fortunately I had a bowl of beads for the kids to string and raided that to make a Navy inspired natural teething ring.

stringing beads

 I picked out 9 round beads, 4 large beehive beads, and two rings and was ready to get started.

Both parents are Navy Academy grads so it only seemed fitting to paint the beads gold and blue with non-toxic acrylic paint. One the beads had dried I strung them on gold silk cording and coated them all with natural beeswax.

The result was a richly colored wood with a pretty shine. I wrapped this up with an Aviator Kokeshi, and "I Love Helos" onesie and the gift was ready to go.

I will definitely add this to my repitoire. It passed the "would I like to receive this" test and is fun to make!

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