Royal Carnival Night

This year the kids wore costumes that were inspired by a special event that left an impression. EJ has been all enthralled with peacocks since her uncle's wedding a month ago, and our hot air balloon ride left quite an impression on CJ.

I didn't grow up celebrating Halloween (something I hope to write about sometime) and don't plan on doing it with the kiddos. I'm always up though for a fun family event and the Royal Nite at Shadow Mountain Church seemed like the perfect reason for the kids to dress up!

We attended Dr. Jeremiah's church during our first tour in San Diego and I knew it would be a big. It wasn't until we were driving by shuttle lots that I realized how big of an event it really was.

A bus ride was an exciting way for the kids to start the night and it only got better!


There was a full carnival set up with free rides.

Game after game to play and collect candy.


Shows to watch.

irish step
And treats to enjoy.

pumpkin pie
cotton candy
CJ was easy to keep track of but we got stopped continually. His costume garnered quite a bit of comments and pictures.

The kids were flying high on the way home.

It was fun night!

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