La Jolla Cove

We headed to La Jolla Cove for a Sunday afternoon "family date". Seeing the seals and cliffs has been on our "to do" list for a while and with the number of weekends in San Diego quickly dwindling it was now or never. 

It is a beautiful walk along the cliffs down to the beach.

We stopped at the tide pools first for the kids to discover some sea life.

Sea enemones, muscles and crabs are abundant.

Then we headed down to the cove to see the seals.

It is one of those places I could bring a chair to and spend the afternoon watching the seals. I think EJ felt the same.

The seals are just a stone throw away and it is wonderful watching them in their natural habitat.

EJ asked a few times who took care of them as she worked out in her mind that they weren't in a cage.

CJ enjoyed watching the wildlife

as well as playing in the sand.

Thanks to a friendly photographer we even got a family photo!

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