His and Hers Turkey Day Shirts

This was a "while your little brother is napping" project that EJ and I worked on together a day before our Thanksgiving celebration. I had seen similar shirts on pinterest and thought it would be fun for the kiddos to each have their own. We have been doing a lot of turkey themed projects this leading up to Thanksgiving. Turkey candles, pincone turkeys, hand turkeys, to name a couple. So as I expected they both immediately recognized the turkeys.

With my "to-do" getting longer and longer I couldn't spend a lot of time on the shirts and fortunately it didn't take us longer than 30 minutes to complete them both. DaddyO came home early that afternoon so he got to see us in action and, since it was such a quick project, didn't give us a hard time:)

Everything we needed for the shirts (felt, ribbon, buttons, iron on adhesive) I had on hand so it was also a cheap project. 

We cut out the felt and ribbon, adhered them to the shirts, I stitched around the edges, and they were ready to be worn!


It is nice not having to worry what they're going to wear for the festivities, and if I'm lucky they just might fit again next year.

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