DIY Hot Air Balloon Costume

A hot air balloon costume has been on my "to make" list ever since EJ was born. I can't think of anything more whimsical than floating along under a colorful balloon. I never had the opportunity though to execute my idea until this year.

Our recent hot air balloon ride gave me the needed inspiration, and CJ's repeated requests to watch the "balloon" video the needed motivation.

I compiled the needed items:
36 inch mylar balloon
woven basket
brown paper bags
aviator child
and put it together.

I must note that this costume would never had occurred without DaddyO's help. He tracked down the helium for me (blowing up a balloon this size is considered dangerous by party stores and there is a helium shortage) and gave his artistic input.

We suited CJ up in his aviator jacket and hat and loaded him into the basket.

At first he wasn't sure about walking around with it, but it quickly grew on him.

This was the perfect costume for a child who loves anything round.

In no time he was gliding around the yard with a big grin on his face.

For as simple as it was to make, it sure did give a lot of enjoyment

I'm looking forward to next year's inspiration!

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