His First Set

And hopefully his last set of stitches. If he is anything like his DaddyO (who received 11 sets) I'm afraid this may just be the beginning.

We let the kiddos stay up late Christmas Eve night to watch "The Best Little Christmas Pageant Ever" with us and were getting ready to cuddle up in bed when CJ smacked his forehead against our headboard and got a gash between his eyes. Of course this meant an 11 p.m. drive to the ER for all of us and the next couple of hours were filled with decisions about the stitches.When we finally returned home around 2 a.m. CJ had three expertly applied stitches to his forehead and didn't have any other damage than being exhausted.

These pictures were taken five days later at the pediatricians office as I waited for the doctor to see CJ.


You never would have known that he had just been bawling to go home. It's amazing how seeing himself in the camera cheered him up.

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