Beaufort R & R

Beaufort, SC is always a favorite stop on our trips home from Pensacola. Not only is it a cute South Carolina town on the outskirts of Hilton Head, but my best friend from high school lives there. Our visits are never long as we are usually trying to get home for a holiday or event, but with a friendship like hers it never takes us long to catch up. We always leave feeling relaxed and well rested thanks to their hospitality.

This visit was just like the others. The kids were a bit car weary so they enjoyed stretching along with Biebs.

Uncle D made a delicious vegetarian dinner and baked berry covered cakes and cupcakes to celebrate EJ's birthday.

She blew out the four candles.

And they bit into the delicious dessert.

The highlight of the night was lighting EJ's number 4 sparkler.

This was our last stop in Beaufort as we are heading to Asia and Biebs is moving to Guam. I'm looking forward to some trips to her tropical island this coming year!

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