Sledding 2014

Sledding at on Avia and PopPop's is something that EJ looks forward to every year (first and second time). After hitting their hill this year I know CJ will too!

EJ kept asking us on our drive cross country if we would be seeing snow at their house this year. PA had already had a big snowstorm over Christmas that had since melted. Since we were only staying at their house a couple days we didn't think the possibility of another snowstorm was promising. She must have been praying for snow though because on our second and last day at their house we woke up to the most beautiful snowflakes falling. Within a couple hours there was enough to get us all bundled up and out on the sleds. 

CJ has only been around snow a handful of times and was excited to be out in the cold flakes.

They slid down and climbed up the hill with DaddyO numerous times.

Then they got to ride on their own.

Avia even rode down with them.

The snow only lasted a few hours before it turned to sleet and rain so it was very special to get this experience at the grandparents one more time before heading overseas.

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