Cuddles for Capri

Our hardest decision with the move to Japan was if we should take our sweet and lovable Capri, our Italian Greyhound overseas with us. She has been a part of our family since we returned to the States from Japan and the kiddos don't know life without her. She is EJ's cuddle buddy and CJ's playmate. At first it seemed like an easy decision to bring her along since the military allowed us to take a pet, but on deeper considering we realized that it might not be in her best interest.

We used to comment on how much fun we would have taking her around Japan, the country is a bit dog crazy. We had so many other things to consider. The biggest decision maker for us was the long flight over in the luggage compartment, her kennel boarding while waiting for a house, and the dilemma during our family trips.

We were lucky to have DaddyO's parents offer to take her and they are truly her second parents. With acres of land for her to run on and nonstop attention coming her way, she always loved her stays with them and once tried to jump out of the car when we picked her up. That made the decision to leave her behind much easier. We knew she would have a happy carefree life.

The goodbye was difficult. It seemed like she knew we were leaving as we gave her the extra hugs and kisses.

We sure do love our Capri and look forward to when we are reunited again!

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