The Third J

A morning at the Dallas Botanical Garden seemed like a great place to meet baby J and give the kids a chance to play outside.

We quickly found out that even though it was Texas they weren't immune to the deep freeze gripping the nation.


The garden was amazing. I though Norfolk's botanical was good (and it is) but this one was incredible. It had just opened a few months earlier so everything was brand new. 

The kids played outside until their fingers were frigid and their cheeks rosy. It was fun to see how quickly they jumped back into playing together and leading each other around by the hand.

We got to spend a bit more time with my little nephew in the comfort of his warm home.

It is amazing how cuddly a one month old is.

EJ was excited that Big J shared his little brother with her and she to hold such a little baby.


I think it got her even more excited about her brother that is on his way.

The farewells were precious.

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